15 Best Context Menu Editors For Windows 10 in 2021 (2023)

The importance of the Windows context menu changes with the way you organize them. Also known as the right-click menu it is typically designed to make your task easier and effortless, but too many entries can make it cumbersome. A cluttered menu is hard to manage and at times you even fail to find the option that you are looking for. To deal with this you can opt for a powerful Context menu editor for your Windows 10, 11 device.

Although you can manually add and remove the menu items it might hurt the health of your Operating system if not done properly. Refer to our list and enjoy easy customization ability with the best context menu editors for Windows.

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Top 15 Best Context Menu Editor For Windows 10, 11:

1. Easy Context Menu

2. Shell Menu View

3. CCleaner

4. MenuMaid

6. Right-Click Extender

7. Right Click Enhancer

8. File Menu Tools

9. ShellExView

10. Ultimate Windows Customizer

11. Glary Utilities

12. Fast Explorer

13. Context Menu Tuner

14. ContextEdit

15. Right Click Extender 2.0

Top 15 Best Context Menu Editor For Windows 10, 11:

Here are our top choices for the best context menu editors in 2023.

1. Easy Context Menu

15 Best Context Menu Editors For Windows 10 in 2021 (1)

Are you looking for a straightforward and powerful tool that can effortlessly help you organize the entries on your system’s context menu? Then the Easy Context Menu can be a perfect choice.

Why Choose Easy Context Menu?

  • Pick this free tool to get rid of old unwanted entries on your device context menu.
  • With it you can easily modify various aspects of the right-click menu like the icon, parameter, title, etc.
  • With it, you can enable all entries under one category in a single go.
  • Enjoy easy access to frequently used applications at your fingertips.
  • Add and delete various entries within seconds.
  • It gives you easy access to multiple context menu items including Reduce Memory, Device Manager, Delete Temporary Files, Lock User, and much more.

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2. Shell Menu View

15 Best Context Menu Editors For Windows 10 in 2021 (2)

Next on our list of best context menu editors for Windows is this compact yet feature-rich tool. Enjoy effortless enabling and disabling of context menu items with a single right-click.

Why Choose Shell Menu View?

  • No installation required.
  • Freeware application that is compatible with major Windows versions.
  • It also provides you with an option to view the right-click menu items on the main window.
  • You can also use it to check and delete the extended functions available on your menu option.

3. CCleaner

15 Best Context Menu Editors For Windows 10 in 2021 (3)

Next on our list of Best Context Menu Editors for Windows 10 is CCleaner. Known for its class-apart PC-tune up functionalities the tool also comes with incredible context menu optimizing and managing features.

Why Choose CCleaner?

  • A safer and hassle-free way to manage context menu entries without messing them up.
  • It is free to download.
  • It is highly simple to use it, Launch CCleaner then open the Tool option followed by the Startup option to check the programs which will run when you launch a browser. Select the entries that you wish to disable/enable.

4. MenuMaid

15 Best Context Menu Editors For Windows 10 in 2021 (4)

Are you annoyed with a cluttered and messy context menu? Try MenuMaid for a fast and easy tuneup.

Why Choose MenuMaid?

  • Portable Freeware context menu editor.
  • It allows you to check out your right-click menu, customize it, enhance, and extend it. Additionally, you can also use it to add, delete, and edit various right-click menu items.
  • You can additionally use it to restore the disabled items in the future.

5. Context Edit

15 Best Context Menu Editors For Windows 10 in 2021 (5)

Next on our list of Best Context Menu Editors for Windows 10, is Context Edit. Although it is an old software it does not lack behind in functionality from the new-age tools.

Why Choose Context Edit?

  • Keep your Context menu handlers and Shell commands well managed and mess-free.
  • Enjoy greater flexibility with this powerful windows 10 context menu editor and create your own customized right-click menu list.
  • It also allows you to edit menu items based on their extensions and file type.
  • User-friendly and convenient application.

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6. Right-Click Extender

15 Best Context Menu Editors For Windows 10 in 2021 (6)

Developed by Windows Club, Right-Click Extender is another tool that you can pick for managing your context menu items. It is fully compatible with Windows 7,8 and 10.

Why Choose Right-Click Extender?

  • It is powered with a clean and convenient interface with strong working.
  • It gives you a choice to include an icon with respective right-click menu items.
  • It covers all major categories in the Context menu including Files/folders, My Computer, Drives, and Desktop.
  • Easily add and delete multiple entries.
  • With it, you can also include items in the hidden menu and view them using the “Shift+Click” key.

7. Right Click Enhancer

15 Best Context Menu Editors For Windows 10 in 2021 (7)

Another Context menu editor that you can pick for your windows 10 device is Right Click Enhancer. It comes in both free and a paid version with a fuller feature set.

Why Choose Right Click Enhancer?

  • You can use it to disable and remove various right-click menu entries in a hassle-free manner.
  • Use it to add folder and application shortcuts to your context menu. Additionally, you can also create several sub-menus and place them in relevant folders.

8. File Menu Tools

15 Best Context Menu Editors For Windows 10 in 2021 (8)

If you are still looking for the best Context Menu Editors for Windows 10 then File Menu Tools is worth a try.

Why Choose FileMenu Tools?

  • It is known for its easy installation, simple interface, and powerful working.
  • It is a lightweight tool and does not put unwanted pressure on your system resources.
  • It allows you to organize, add, and delete various right-click menu commands with few simple clicks.
  • It is powered with a responsive layout.
  • Use it to add and delete various submenus, commands, items, and separators from your Context Editor.

9. ShellExView

15 Best Context Menu Editors For Windows 10 in 2021 (9)

Another incredible and feature-rich windows 10 context menu editor is ShellExView. It is a highly customizable tool that can enhance the capabilities and functionality of your Windows Operating System.

Why Choose ShellExView?

  • It is completely free from any installation requirements.
  • It helps you to disable right-click menu items without any glitches and ensures optimal use of system resources.
  • Enjoy enhanced control options with the incredible tool, use it to add/delete, enable/disable, and save/copy chosen menu items.
  • It runs system scan to check for shell extensions and also provides detailed reports of files extensions including the file name, type, version, description, and much more.

10. Ultimate Windows Customizer

15 Best Context Menu Editors For Windows 10 in 2021 (10)

Adjust, modify, and customize various settings on your Windows device with this incredible context menu editor. It comes in a compact design and does not consume too much system resources.

Why Choose Ultimate Windows Customizer?

  • It takes care of all your customization and tailoring needs for Windows including your right-click menu, Taskbar, Start Menu, and much more.
  • Packed with an array of multiple features and added sub-features.
  • Simple and easy to use the tool.
  • Use it to add, delete, enable, and disable various items on your context menu.
  • It is a freeware application and creates a system restore points before every change.

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11. Glary Utilities

15 Best Context Menu Editors For Windows 10 in 2021 (11)

Known for its optimizing and system cleaning features, Glary Utilities also functions as an enabler and disabler of right-click menu items. It is available in both installers and a portable version and works perfectly well on the Windows platform.

Using it is fairly easy and requires a few simple steps:

  • Launch Glary Utilities.
  • Open the Modules tab.
  • Click on ‘Optimize and Improve”.
  • In the next step, choose the Context Menu Manager.
  • A detailed list of all the entries along with their functions will be displayed on your device screen.
  • If you untick the checkbox it will disable that particular item.
  • In the same manner, you can also perform the New and Send To functions.

12. Fast Explorer

15 Best Context Menu Editors For Windows 10 in 2021 (12)

Still looking for the best context menu editors, Fast Explorer can be a good pick for you. The tool provides combined functionalities of both ShellMenuView and ShellExView.

It is compatible with Windows XP and above versions and can be used to clear, delete, disable various shell extensions and Context menu items.

13. Context Menu Tuner

15 Best Context Menu Editors For Windows 10 in 2021 (13)

Context Menu Tuner is another context menu editor that you can try. The software offers users with full customization option for the menu. Other than just customizing the menu user can also customize the name, icon, and command-line parameters of the program. For your favorite or most used programs, you can create a separate menu.

Why Choose Context Menu Tuner?

  • The software does not require any installation
  • The user can add any custom command to the menu which they like
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

14. ContextEdit

15 Best Context Menu Editors For Windows 10 in 2021 (14)

One of the oldest software for context menu editors which can edit the right-click menu pretty easily. The interface is kind of old but it has advanced features. The software reads the apps in the system and then clubs them into a list of similar ones. It can work with both file types and extensions.

Why Choose ContextEdit?

  • Simple interface divided into three segments
  • Easy to adjust, add and remove programs with this software
  • You can work with file type as well as with extensions

15. Right Click Extender 2.0

15 Best Context Menu Editors For Windows 10 in 2021 (15)

The next best context menu editor for Windows 10 is Right Click Extender 2.0. As the name specifies the tool allows users to extend the options for right-click menu. You can customize your right-click options depending on your needs or requirements. Beo we have listed some of the notable features of Right Click Extender 2.0 which make it a perfect choice for Context Menu Editor for your Windows 10 devices.

Why Choose Right Click Extender 2.0?

  • The open-source tool is available for Free and enables editing right a click menu with simple steps.
  • You can edit these options for the drive, hidden folders, etc.
  • Simple and easy to use the tool.
  • You can also create a restore point to roll back to prior settings and undo all the modifications.
  • Simply open the tool and from the list check or uncheck the respective options from the list.

Final Words: Customize Windows Context Menu With Ease

If you wish to declutter and clean your Context Menu, then the above tools will help you perform your job in a hassle-free manner. Refer to our details rundown of best Context Menu editors to delete and disable unwanted functions form your Windows and enhance its overall performance.


What is shell Powerful context menu Manager for Windows File Explorer? ›

Shell is a context menu extender that lets you handpick the items to integrate into the Windows File Explorer context menu, create custom commands to access all your favorite web pages, files, and folders, and launch any application directly from the context menu.

How do I clean up the context menu in Windows 10? ›

Follow these steps to clear up your New context menu in Windows 10.
  • Open the Windows registry. ...
  • Navigate to and expand the folder HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.
  • Next, you have to look for the item you want to remove. ...
  • Expand the respective folder and look for a key entitled ShellNew.
Aug 1, 2022

How do I create a context menu in Windows 10? ›

Open the Windows registry by pressing the Windows key + R and typing “regedit” or by typing “regedit” at the Start menu. Navigate to and expand the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT folder. Under this folder, the folders or keys that begin with a dot refer to file extensions. You can create a context menu item for any of these.

What is CLSID in Windows 10? ›

The Class ID, or CLSID, is a serial number that represents a unique ID for any application component in Windows. In practice, this means all registry entries for an application component can usually be found under the registry key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{CLSID value}.

What is classic shell for Windows? ›

Classic Shell is a computer program for Microsoft Windows that provides user interface elements intended to restore familiar features from past versions of Windows.

What is Nilesoft shell? ›

Shell is a extensions of Windows File Explorer that can be used to create high-performance context menu items. And gives user a high level of control over context menu of Windows File Explorer.

How to replace PowerShell with cmd in context menu? ›

How to replace PowerShell with Command Prompt on File Explorer's Context Menu in Windows 10
  1. On the address bar in the Registry Editor, paste “Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shell” and hit enter.
  2. From the sidebar, find “cmd” and right click, then select Permissions.
Mar 18, 2017

How do I remove VLC from context menu? ›

5 Answers
  1. Open the Registry Editor ( regedit.exe ). Find HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell.
  2. Under this key find each VLC key you would like to remove from folder context menus.
  3. (Optional) right-click each key and choose Export. Save the exported reg files as PlayWithVLC-dir and AddToPlaylistVLC-dir . ...
  4. Delete the key.
Jan 12, 2015

Why is my context menu so slow Windows 10? ›

If your context menu is full of third-party shell extensions, then one of them could be the problem. A corrupt third-party shell extension can make your right-click context menu slow. This could be the reason why your context menu delays. In some cases, more than one shell extension can be corrupt at the same time.

How do I remove CMD from context menu? ›

Here's how: Step 1: Open the Registry Editor. Press Win+R keys to bring up the Run dialog, input regedit and then hit Enter key. Step 3: Remove the entire key for that particular program by right-clicking and choosing Delete.

How to add cmd to context menu Windows 10? ›

Right-click on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen and select Taskbar settings with the gear icon. 2. The Taskbar settings window will open. Make sure the setting "Replace Command Prompt with Windows PowerShell in the menu when I right-click the start button or press Windows key + X" is toggled off.

What is CRC SHA Windows 10? ›

CRC stands for Cyclic Redundancy Check and is used in digital networks to check for random data changes. SHA is a secure hashing technology that the National Security Agency developed in 2010. It is widely used to determine the integrity of data downloaded from the Internet.

What is Windows 10 context menu? ›

A context menu is a pop-up menu that provides shortcuts for actions the software developer anticipates the user might want to take. In a Windows environment, the context menu is accessed with a right mouse click.

What is context menu options in Windows 11? ›

Right-click to bring up the standard Windows 11 context menu and select the Show more options entry at the end. You can also use the Shift + F10 keyboard shortcut.

What is standard context menu in Windows 11? ›

Key Takeaways

You can access the old context menu in Windows 11 by right-clicking something, then selecting "Show More Options" or by holding Shift while you right click. Otherwise, you'll need to tweak the Registry to make the old context menu the default option.

What is open with context menu in Windows 11? ›

The Open with context menu allows you to choose an app to open a file with by default. The "Open with" context menu is only available when a single file is selected, and not available when multiple (more than one) files are selected.

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